The ARTHURIMMO.COM Chevalier Immobilier agency was created in 2003 and then we expanded our skills in 2013 by creating the management service in order to meet the needs of the owners of the real estate. We bring rigor and professionalism in the real estate management and our proximity is very appreciated by our clients. These services have a cost that is 100% deductible from your real estate income under the real estate regime so why not to take it.

The management of your property

We offer you a thorough management with efficient tools and at the tip of the iceberg:

  • Latest generation software
  • Legal documents edited and updated by specialists.

The services offered for your security:

  • Monthly rent payments and receipts
  • Payments and receipts of the charges
  • Qualified and insured companies offered at attractive rates
  • Support for the payments of CAF
  • Monthly management report clear and detailed
  • Relationship with the syndic
  • Support for the maintenance works in the current management
  • Support for the maintenance works under certain conditions
  • Help to edit the declaration of the real estate income included in the rate
The search for the tenant


An excellent presence on all major websites.


At ARTHURIMMO.COM CHEVALIER IMMOBILIER, all visits are accompanied. We do not leave the keys of a property in exchange for a piece of identity. Their number is not limited. A thorough selection of the candidates for the tenant is operated.


A professional bail written by a professional. Documents established by lawyers and regularly updated.

State of the premises

The states of the premises are realized by independent experts at our company whose cost is included in the fees. This offers the following advantages:

  • A more difficult return.
  • The same reading grid at the entrance and at the exit.
  • An impartiality.
The insurance of unpaid rent

An insurance among the most profitable market for a cost-controlled (2,9 % TTC of the payments).

  • Unpaid rent: no care-free delay - no limit of amount - without franchise
  • Deteriorations of real estate: support under certain conditions (see in the agency)
  • Fees of contentious and procedures: without limit if the file is entrusted to the lawyer of our partner - Limited if a personal lawyer is chosen
  • Defense of recourse: the insurer guarantees the legal protection of the insured at the time of a dispute with the opposing tenant (see limits in the agency)